How to play:

Tank Trouble 2 offers easy controls for each player:
Player 1 always plays with W, S, D, F and Q to shoot.
Player 2 always plays with arrow keys and M to shoot.
Player 3 always plays with mouse and left-click to shoot.

About Tank Trouble

New Running Fred

Tank Trouble is an online, flash, easy multiplayer game which allows maximum of three players to enter the game at once. However the selectable options are one, two or three players. The interface is humble and lovely without any inane functions added. The game is easy to play each player has his own control keys adjusted automatically after selecting the desired mode. If we take a brief look at the interface, we will find that there are two small buttons at the bottom-left side. The first one is settings bar and another one enables you to mute or unmute the game quickly.

The plot of the game

Tank Trouble 2 is conquest-based game in which the players are playing against each other in the maze. The players are playing using their tanks of different color to differ them. The score of the game is counted on the bottom side continuously. The maze can be very complicated in some cases, but we can say this is all about coincidence. The game also offers the power-ups which randomly appear in different spots of the maze. Each power-up has its own unique power which strengthens your tank. Remember that the bullet you throw from your tank travels from wall to wall for a few seconds and then it vanishes forthwith, you bullet can harm you too. Settings of the game can easily be edited since it is only one page and offers very basic changes. When you hit the settings icon it will start rolling but keep in mind that the windows will pop up only after each session of the gameplay is over. In the window as you see it only gives three types of edit, which can be considered as a poor part of the game. If you mess up the game you can set it to default easily by hitting it in the same window as we mentioned above.